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I have often spoken about how I came to discover Hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with my second son Ozzy, but there is a part of the story I don’t as often talk about. Mostly, because even all these years later, it still hurts to talk about. Ozzy is a rainbow baby, before him, I experienced a miscarriage. My journey in pregnancy after loss was heartbreaking, but it also shaped my life going forwards.

Having a toolkit of natural pain relief methods for labour and birth is essential no matter what type of birth you are planning

Imagine this- your birth has gone a certain way. Perhaps it's not how you were initially hoping it might go. However, if you understand why it went that way, were involved in the decision making, felt informed, respected and able to ask any questions you needed, you will feel vastly different than if the same thing happens but you have no idea how or why. 

Positive affirmations for birth are simply statements. They are positive statements that can give you the confidence to feel positively about your upcoming birth.

I made my way downstairs where the pool was up and the fairy lights were on. I still remember the distinct smell of rubber from the pool in the room, combined with the essential oils humidifier, this was my mini paradise.

Once things were started it wasn't long before we met our baby, and it was as magical as we had imagined. While they finished surgery we got to cuddle and fall in love with our little boy (who was on my chest- thanks to the birth preferences!)

A baby moon is a get away many couples decide to take before the arrival of their baby. It gives them time to connect, make memories and often slow down, focussing on the things they love.

This post is purely about the many things you can do in labour to help keep you more comfortable, so that you may give birth without pain relief if that is your wish. Or, you may think you will use pain relief but actually find that its not needed!

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