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Hi, I’m Daisy. A Hypnobirthing expert and Mum to 3 little boys. I run balanced, evidence based, bespoke and supportive online hypnobirthing courses, and in person antenatal courses in Newbury, to help expectant woman  and couples prepare for their birth feeling empowered, confident and calm. 

My online antenatal courses are designed for every type of birth, and to make every type of birth better. Using hypnobirthing techniques, antenatal education and evidence based information, you will come away feeling prepared for whatever journey your birth takes. 

Fun, engaging and relaxed, both my online Hypnobirthing courses and in person Hypnobirthing classes in Newbury cover everything you need to know, and you get my ongoing support for the rest of your pregnancy for any questions you may have!


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You’re not sure what to expect?

Don’t understand the options open to you?

Feeling stressed or anxious?


Have you had a difficult birth experience?

Do you want to feel more in control this time?

Looking for a different start to motherhood?

My mission at Calm Arrivals Hypnobirthing- online and Newbury, Berkshire, is to provide you with antenatal classes that give you the knowledge, tools & confidence to achieve the birth you deserve, with the ongoing support that is so often missing from pregnancy.

Providing balanced, informative and essential birth education has never been more important, and all my classes are designed to offer every family the information and support you need. 

It is a day you will remember for the rest of your life. You deserve the best experience possible!


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Hi, I’m Daisy, 

First, let me say congratulations on your pregnancy. 

At such a special, transformative time in your life, I am so glad you are here.  You’ve taken the first step towards a calm, empowering and positive birth experience.

Having experienced a birth where I felt out of control and scared, I don’t want this to be your experience. After discovering Hypnobirthing during my second pregnancy, I realised what essential information this was. I so wish I had done more research when I was pregnant with my first son, and not just followed the herd of doing the “standard” antenatal course. After my third son was born in the middle of the pandemic, a fire was lit inside me. All I could think was “why do we not all know this? Why is this not taught to everyone?”      I knew I had to share this information with other expectant parents. I knew there was another way to experience pregnancy, birth and motherhood, and that this would change peoples lives. 

Working with women and couples on their journey to meet their baby is what I absolutely adore doing.

Watching them go from unprepared, fearful and anxious to feeling empowered, connected and confident is the most wonderful feeling.

Sharing this knowledge and watching all the lightbulb moments, especially in birth partners is the most rewarding work.

I combine my training with top hypnotherapists and midwives, with my personal experience of pregnancy and birth, and experiences of supporting such a huge variety of woman and couples on this journey. Every pregnancy and family is different, and your antenatal course should be there to support you. 

A bit about me

  • Qualified Hypnobirthing teacher
  • Mum to 3 very lively little boys,
  • Obsessed with all things birth!
  • I adore travelling and exploring the world with my boys
  • I love to run, be outside and get so much joy in supporting other mums to be and mums experience a better birth and motherhood.
  • I am an Ex professional dancer, and met my husband while I was working on a cruise ship!

    My training

  • KGHypnobirthing- accredited by the Royal College of Midwives
  • Further training with Love Your Birth
  • Trauma resolution with Ruth Olayinka

With various support packages available, and the option to pay in instalments, I really am here to fully support you through your pregnancy in a truly individualised way. I


After working with me you’ll be equipped with:

  • The knowledge you need to feel informed about the birth process
  • A deep confidence in your ability to birth your baby
  • Confidence as a supporting birth partner
  • Feelings of calm, empowerment, and greater connection through your pregnancy
  • A sense of empowerment as a pregnant woman, understanding exactly how your body works and how you can support it
  • An understanding of your choices- for your birth, pain relief options, birth plan options
  • Ongoing support throughout your pregnancy from me and your community

Hypnobirthing can…

  • Often reduce the length of labour as your body is able to labour effectively and smoothly
  • Provide comfort- you are likely to experience a more comfortable birth
  • Can reduce the need for medical intervention
  • Can reduce the need for medication
  • Lowers the risk of pelvic floor damage, tearing or episiotomy, resulting in an often easier recovery post birth
  • Increases confidence in your ability to safely birth your baby and in talking to your caregivers
  • Can result in a calm, alert baby who is often able to feed and sleep well
  • An informed and supportive birth partner is able to take a confident and active role in the birth, a truly loving and shared experience
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Pregnant couple hypnobirthing birth preparation
Antenatal Hypnobirthing Group Classes Newbury Berkshire

“I cannot recommended Daisy as a hypnobirthing instructor enough. From her ability to make you feel at home and her encouragement through the course to the content she presented – I left feeling inspired and excited for my birth journey. This is not just about mindfulness, there is so much more that I was not expecting. There is in depth discussions and content on what to expect, the options you have and how to ensure you make the right choices throughout the process. I would also add, I have just completed my NCT class, and I would recommend this course over NCP in a heartbeat. Daisy provided so much fact based knowledge that makes me feel confident on what to except.”

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