Hi, I’m Daisy, 

I am a Hypnobirthing and Birth expert, Mum of 3 little boys, and proud owner of Calm Arrivals Hypnobirthing. 

Combining my training with top Midwives and Hypnotherapists, my experiences as a Mum of 3, and of supporting countless woman worldwide, I deliver a course that will leave you feeling confident, supported and informed. 

I understand how it can feel in your pregnancy when you don’t know what to expect in your labour.

I’ve experienced a birth where I felt out of control and scared, my first experience of birth left me feeling hugely concerned about any future pregnancies.

This all changed when I discovered hypnobirthing whilst pregnant with my second baby. I had recently experienced a pregnancy loss, and was feeling really anxious. I also knew I needed to prepare differently for the birth this time round- in my first pregnancy I had done the standard antenatal course that everyone does, and I wish I had done some more research into what else was out there. When I discovered Hypnobirthing, it totally changed the way I viewed and experienced birth. It was the most incredible experience. Not easy, or pain free, but incredible. This discovery had a hugely significant impact on my time as a new mum again, and my connection with my newborn.

After an equally amazing birth experience with my third baby, in the middle of the stressful covid pandemic, I knew I needed to share this information with other parents to be. I honestly believe it is essential, life changing knowledge. It was incredible to me that woman would go through such a huge physical and emotional event, without having a clear understanding of how it works. My courses go so much beyond the standard Hypnobirthing course. I make sure they are all personalised to those attending, I keep up to date with the latest evidence and guidelines, I help you work on creating a strong mindset ready for birth. I fully involve and prepare the birth partner, so that they feel included on this journey, and are able to give you the best support possible. I create connections and support that will impact you for a long time. And lastly, I offer you unique and ongoing support packages so that you really can feel supported throughout your pregnancy and post birth. 

Since training with Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing and subsequent further training with Love Your Birth, and learning from the very best Midwives and Hypnotherapists out there, I’ve had the honour of working with all varieties of families – from home births, to inductions and positive caesareans, both in person and online.

I am a mum to 3 very lively little boys. We love to travel, and show them the world. I love reading although don’t do it enough, the sea is my happy place, and I will absolutely always stop to take a photo of a sunset. In my past life I was a professional dancer, and I actually met my husband while I was working on a cruise ship!

I love to find pockets of calm in my days where I can. It’s so important that my work reflects my life morals and goals, and underlying all of that is kindness, strength and support. 

I really am here for you on this journey, and am fiercely passionate that you have a pregnancy and birth where you feel supported, respected, informed and confident. 

I can’t wait to join you xx

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