What are positive affirmations for birth?

birth affirmations

Positive affirmations for birth are simply statements. They are positive statements that can give you the confidence to feel positively about your upcoming birth. 

When repeated, these positive affirmations, or statements help to send a message to your subconscious, which then allows you to remain in your system of calm, and stay relaxed during labour. When we repeat something over and over in our mind, it soon becomes a belief. By repeating these positive affirmations for birth you will create confidence and trust in your body and the birth process. 

How to use positive affirmations?

You can use your positive affirmations for birth in a number of ways. The key is in the repetition. The more you repeat them, the more powerful they are.

You could write them down and pop them around the house in places you often use- the bathroom mirror, by the kettle, the light switch. Every time you see one read it out loud, you might feel silly at first but you’ll soon get used to it!

You can listen to them, either record them yourself, or everyone who does any Hypnobirthing course with me receives a positive affirmation track to listen to. Have them playing in the background each day and you will really notice the shift in your thinking. 

Top 40 Positive Affirmations for Birth

  • I am informed and empowered
  • I’m a strong and powerful woman
  • I am respected and cared for
  • I am comfortable and calm
  • I breathe in strength and breathe out tension
  • I trust my instincts to guide me through my pregnancy and my bab’y calm birth
  • I make decisions that feel right for me and my baby
  • My body and my baby are healthy and strong
  • I meet each surge of my body with calmness
  • My surges can’t be stronger than me because they are me
  • I am surrounded by loving support
  • I know that birth is safe
  • My surroundings help me feel calm, relaxed and at ease
  • I relax my jaw to relax my pelvic floor
  • Each day I know I am one step closer to meeting my baby
  • I look forwards to my baby’s birth with excitement
  • I am relaxed and calm
  • I enjoy the break my body gives me in between each surge
  • I know I’ll be meeting my baby very soon
  • I can do anything for 60 seconds
  • Each day my love and confidence grows
  • My baby will be born at the right time for an easy birth
  • My baby is the right size for my body
  • Each surge brings me one step closer to meeting my baby
  • I move instinctively during my bab’s birth, finding what works for me and my baby
  • I am in the best place for both of us
  • I focus on what I can control and I let go of that I can’t
  • I breathe easily through each surge 
  • My birth partner is by my side and on my side
  • The more relaxed I am, the more comfortable I feel
  • Birth is an empowering and wonderful experience
  • I focus on the birth I want
  • My body was designed to birth with ease
  • I look after myself so I can look after my baby
  • I embrace the power of birth and I know I am strong
  • I confidently communicate my needs to those around me
  • The deeper I breathe the more relaxed I am
  •  I meet each surge with confidence and calm
  • Woman all over the world are birthing with me
  • There is beauty in every birth
  • I can do hard things
positive affirmation card for labour leaning on a salt rock lamp

You can also write your own positive affirmations for birth. The only rule is to always write it in the positive and in the present tense, so for example

“I am strong”

“I look forwards to my baby’s birth”

“I trust my body and my baby”

What positive affirmations are you going to use, and how?

Remember to share with any pregnanct friends.

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