Planning a baby moon- how, why and when.

I’m combining 2 of my favourite subjects here- pregnancy and travel! If you are planning a baby moon, you may be wondering where to go, when, and how easy it is to travel. In this blog I will answer some of those questions, give some recommendations and talk about why I think planning a baby moon is such a great idea. 

What is a baby moon?

A baby moon is the Pregnancy version of a honeymoon, except you normally take it before the big event, rather than after. It is a trip expectant parents take before their baby arrives to relax, connect, and do some of the things they love that may be put on the back burner for a while as they’re getting used to this new life. 

planning a baby moon

When to go on one

When to go on a baby moon is really dependent on you and your individual pregnancy. Remember, no one size fits all. Most people recommend going sometimes during the second trimester, between weeks 13-27, which is generally, but not always, when most woman are feeling better after the first trimester tiredness, possible morning sickness and big changes, and are not too big in the third trimester that they are uncomfortable. A lot of woman feel more energetic during the second trimester too which means you can possibly have more energy to enjoy your time. 

Where to go on a baby moon

The world is your oyster here! Some people prefer to stay closer to home, and choose a baby moon in their own country. For some they want to explore, find some sun, or have the experience of overseas travel. There’s no right or wrong, do your research and think about what you want to get from the trip.

Do you want to be pampered?

Do you want a little adventure of to seek some new culture? Are you after some sun and vitamin D?

Some things to think about- how long is the flight and how will you stay comfortable. If you are travelling longer haul, getting up often to move around, wearing compression socks and keeping hydrated will help you stay comfortable. Do you need travel vaccines? What is the medical care like at your destination if you need it? Do you need to consider viruses such as Zika? What is the temperature like and will you be comfortable? 

I have been away on all 3 of my pregnancies. We did Cuba at 22 weeks, Tel Aviv at 35 weeks, and Mauritius at 26 weeks. All vastly different, all completely wonderful. 


Why to go on a baby moon


Going on a baby moon before you welcome a new baby into your family can be such a lovely thing to do. If it is your first baby, it can be time to connect as a couple, rest together, and just get time away from your usual busy life. If this is a second or more pregnancy, it can be time to make some special memories with your child/ children. Time to focus on them before a sibling arrives. Or you can rope in help and go on an adults only trip and get to fully recharge like you can’t at home. 

It gives you time to stop and think about things that are important to you in your birth and time as new parents. It can help your partner to connect to your pregnancy, by spending non interrupted time together. You can take some time to really focus on your pregnancy, and honour this special time. The next time you have a holiday, you will have a bigger family! There is something so special in knowing this. 

Things to remember


If you are planning on a trip, have a quick chat with your midwife before going. Check your airlines restrictions if you are flying and make sure you have travel insurance that covers pregnancy. 

Keep hydrated and eat well, and remember to always keep a note on babies movement. 

Enjoy, and happy travelling! Let me know where to end up going!!! Make sure you book your Hypnobirthing course for when you get back!

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