Preparing for a Calm Caesarean Birth


Perhaps you know you will be having a Caesarean and want to understand how to feel calm and excited for your birth? Perhaps you want to understand what options you have, and that you still have control over your birth experience? Caesarean birth is birth, and if this is the path that is best for you or your baby then it is really important for you to understand you can make this a beautiful, calm and powerful experience.

woman holding a newborn after preparing for a calm caesarean birth

Read on for my guide on preparing for a calm caesarean birth, and how Hypnobirthing can make all the difference to a positive belly birth.

Preparing with Hypnobirthing techniques


People are often surprised to hear we cover Caesarean births in our Hypnobirthing courses- “but isn’t Hypnobirthing only for drug free home births?” NO. Using your Hypnobirthing techniques before, during and after your Caesarean birth can help enormously with how you feel both mentally and physically about your birth.
It will help you to approach your babies birth calmly, feeling excited and positive about this right of passage. It will also help your body physically recover, as a relaxed body is able to recover easier, and you will be able to help manage any uncomfortable sensations.

  • Listen to your relaxation audios, daily if possible
  • Write and use your positive affirmations, to help release any fear
  • Practise your calm breathing, this will be invaluable before, during and after your birth
  • Enjoy soft touch massage with your partner to use as a calming anchor during your birth
  • Write a birth plan and discuss it with your care team.

Your Caesarean Birth choices

Yes, you still have choices and options when your are birthing abdominally.

Researching and making informed decisions on aspects of your birth will help you feel in control, help you communicate what is important to you, and help you experience your birth in a positive way.
See some suggestions below but of course research and make your own decisions.

  • Wear your gown backwards for skin to skin access
  • Sticky pads on your back, not chest for skin to skin
  • Your music playing in theatre
  • Lighting to be dimmed as baby is born
  • Partner to help calm you with soft touch arm strokes, scent on a tissue, and calm breathing
  • Low/ no talking when your baby is born so yours are the first voices they hear
  • For you to discover the sex, rather than it be announced
  • Screen to be lowered/ not lowered as your baby is born
  • Baby to be lifted slowly from your tummy, mimicking a vaginal birth
  • Delayed cord clamping
  • Skin to skin with you- or with your partner if you are unable
  • Wait with checks until you have had 1-2 hours of undisturbed time, if possible.
  • Support to establish breastfeeding

Essential Packing List

Packing your hospital bag is important whatever birth you are having, but with a abdominal birth there are some essentials that can make your time before and in recovery that much more comfortable.

  • Eye mask, headphones, essential oil and your own towel from home
  • A portable (wireless) speaker to take to theatre and use before/ afterwards
  • Battery fairy lights to use in your room after the birth
  • Peppermint tea and chewing gum- this can really help to relieve painful gas post surgery
  • Big pants- get some large, cotton pants in a size or 2 up that will fit comfortably over your scar and tummy
  • Button up nightshirts- easy access for skin to skin and breastfeeding
  • Maternity pads- yes, even though baby came out of the sunroof you will still bleed post birth. (top tip, once your dressing has been removed you can place one maternity pad horizontally over your scar which can create a nice cushion)
  • Breastfeeding/ support cushion- after the birth your movement will be limited, so having a good support cushion can really help with breastfeeding and just generally helping you stay comfortable.
  • Snacks- you won’t of eaten prior to the birth so some yummy snacks, that are high in fibre to help with bowel movement will be most welcome
  • Large bottle of water to keep hydrated

Post Natal care plan

Not only have your grown and birthed a brand new human, you have also just had major surgery. Planning your recovery and post partum period will really help you to feel prepared, and for other people to know how to help you.

For the first few days and weeks post birth, you will need to rest a lot. There will be no driving, or lifting anything heavier than your baby, and general movement will feel hard at first. Ask for help. Have your partner change the baby and pass them to you for feeding, batch cook lots of nutritious meals, and ask visitors to bring food with them. Think about hiring a cleaner if thats an option to you, or pass all household tasks over to your family and partner. Drink lots of water and stay on top of your pain medication. Don’t be tempted to try and do too much soon, as this can push your recovery back.

It could be really useful to think about hiring a post natal doula if that is available to you- they are there to help you with anything you need, as well as providing emotional support.

I really suggest having a plan in place before your babies birth, so everyone knows how they can help.

Most of all, remember that you are amazing. You have created a little miracle, and should feel so proud of yourself. Ask for help, be really gentle on yourself, and honour the right of passage that is birth and new motherhood.

If you want support in preparing for a caesarean birth let me know- I offer 1 to 1 


Baby lying on mums legs with a caesarean scar showing

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