Should I write a birth plan?


I often hear people say they don’t want to write a birth plan as it’s setting themselves up for failure if things go differently, or birth plans are pointless as you can’t plan how your birth will go. Well, here is why I think writing a birth plan, or as I call them- birth preferences is so important.

We plan for many things in our lives- from your wedding day, to holidays, to days out. Why wouldn’t you plan and research for one of the biggest days of your life? You wouldn’t just show up at the airport and expect to have everything you want for your holiday, so why would you allow the day you birth your baby to arrive, without giving the thought to communicate the things that are important to you and your partner.

This is why its so important to take the time out, sit down together with a cup of tea, and discuss your options and decide on the things that really matter to you. That way, when the day comes, you can easily communicate with your caregivers the things you want and need. It also shows them that you have done your research and educated yourselves on your options and wants for your birth.


Writing your birth plan shows that you have done your research, and that is where the power lies

I always suggest writing a few birth plans-

Plan A, your dream birth, use this to imagine exactly what you would want in your ideal birth, who is with you, how do you feel, how is the environment? What do you want immediately after baby is born? Do you want undisturbed skin to skin? Optimal cord clamping? Low lighting and voices?

Plan B, what do you want if circumstances change? If your choices change, what is important to you still? What wants and wishes are still important to you?

I also suggest including a plan incase of a Caesarean birth being necessary. There are still choices and things you can ask for to make a Caesarean birth more family centred, so I suggest including this in your birth plan for your care providers to see. I have a blog post on preparing for a calm caesarean birth and some choices you can make.

Make a few copies of your birth plan so if you move locations it can’t get lost, and really enjoy taking the time out to think about and prepare for your babies birth.



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