Is Hypnobirthing really for all births?


This is something we hear so much of- I can’t do Hypnobirthing because I’m not having a homebirth, or its not for me as I’m having a planned Caesarean birth.

So I’m here to bust one of Hypnobirthings biggest myths, and tell you that Hypnobirthing really is for EVERY type of childbirth, and it really will help EVERY type of birth be more positive.


How Hypnobirthing can help you

Imagine how you would feel in your pregnancy if you understood how birth works. Knowing what your brilliant birthing body will be doing during the process of childbirth.

How you would feel to have an in-depth understanding of birthing hormones, and the muscles of the uterus (that’s right- birth it predominantly the work of muscles!)

Now imagine knowing what options are available to you on where to birth your baby. Read my blog post on choosing where to birth your baby in the Newbury, Thatcham and Hungerford area.

How would you feel knowing you have options and choices in your maternity care, and that you can ask informed questions to make the best decision for you and your baby.

Imagine having a Hypnobirthing and birth expert at the end of the phone, available for any questions or thoughts you may have.

Types of birth

Imagine deciding that being induced is the right path for you, and having a thorough understanding of the process. You’ll have ways you can keep yourself comfortable. (hint- Hypnobirthing tools and environment will be essential here)

Imagine a caesarean birth being the best choice for you or your baby, and knowing what to expect. You can make it a calm, empowering family centred experience because you know your options.

Imagine knowing all the different comfort measures available, from breathing techniques to epidurals, and what to expect from each of them.

This is why Hypnobirthing really is for everyone- because it gives you a thorough, in depth understanding of ALL types of birth, ALL places of birth.

You will feel calm, prepared and excited to birth your baby, however that happens.

You will have tools to navigate your birth journey and be involved in the decision making process. You will have a confident birth partner on your side.

Whatever type of birth you are planning or you have, it should be personal, empowering and positive- Hypnobirthing helps prepare you for this. 


The moment I birthed my third baby- the joy was indescribable.

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