6 benefits of water birth

hypnobirthing newbury- Waterbirth

Planning a waterbirth is growing in popularity and for good reason. A recent study found that using water in labour and for birth bought a number of benefits, including significantly reducing the use of epidural, episiotomy and lowering maternal pain.

Should I write a birth plan?

Pregnant lady holding her bump and writing a birth plan

We plan for many things in our lives- from your wedding day, to holidays, to days out. Why wouldn’t you plan and research for one of the biggest days of your life? You wouldn’t just show up at the airport and expect to have everything you want for your holiday, so why would you allow the day you birth your baby to arrive, without giving the thought to communicate the things that are important to you and your partner.

Where to give birth near newbury, Thatcham and Hungerford?

Newborn baby at Royal Berkshire Hospital

As there are a few options surrounding you in the West Berkshire area, it’s important to look at what each place has to offer, and make a decision that feels right for you. In the Newbury area, we are in the middle of 4 hospital trusts each with their own offering, so it’s worth taking some time and doing the research. Remember, what feels right for one person may not to another, this is a personal decision.

Preparing for a Calm Caesarean Birth

Woman holding newborn baby after in Caesarean

Perhaps you know you will be having a Caesarean and want to understand how to feel calm and excited for your birth? Perhaps you want to understand what options you have, and that you still have control over your birth experience? Caesarean birth is birth, and if this is the path that is best for you or your baby then it is really important for you to understand you can make this a beautiful, calm and powerful experience.