Pregnant at Christmas? Here's why being pregnant at the most magical time of the year is well... magical!


pregnancy at Christmas

If you’re expecting a baby over Christmas, you may be wondering how you will celebrate without the usual glass of fizz and table of cheeses! Well, here’s why I think being pregnant over Christmas is actually great, and will make for a super special festive season! 


    • No Hangover! Ok, lets face it, waking up on Boxing Day with a fuzzy head is not the greatest. With a booze free Christmas you will really get to enjoy all the little bits of Christmas that may normally be missed while you’re nursing a sore head!

    • Less pressure to do all the things. The Christmas season is full on, with a calendar full of social events. You have the perfect excuse to say no to the things that you really don’t want to do this year. Blame the bump, put your feet up, and chill.

    • Embrase cosy season and all it brings. This is the perfect time to create a gorgeous nest of fairly lights, warm blankets and fires. Nestle up infront of your favourite Christmas movie, enjoy those Christmas treats and let the Oxytocin flow. Also the perfect chance to get your hypnobirthing practise in!

    • Picturing how next Christmas will look! Spend some time visualising next Christmas. You will have a little baby with you, and Christmas will reach a whole new level of magical.

    • Crisp winter walks. We know movement and fresh air are so good for you in pregnancy (and out of pregnancy too!). Now is the perfect time to get out in those beautiful winter walks, enjoy the fresh air. Good for your body, good for baby, good for your mind!

    • Cute bump pics! Ok, this is a great chance to get some insta worthy bump pics by the tree. Not much is better than a Christmas pregnancy photo, so use the chance and snap some cute photos. They will be memories to look back on for years!

    • Yummy food swaps. Sure, you may have to say no to some of your usual indulgences when you’re pregnant at Christmas. There are some food and drink that are may not be safe for baby. Check out this handy guide from NCT on what to avoid. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t loads of alternatives you can’t enjoy- Alcohol free fizz, alternative or vegan cheeses, there are so many great substitutes. Now might be a great time to experiment and try something new. 

What is your favourite thing about being pregnant over the festive season?

pregnant at Christmas

One thing to tick off you list so you can really relax over the festive season is your antenatal class. My next in person Hypnobirthing class in Newbury is now booking, reserve your space now and it will really give you something to look forwards to after the Christmas and New Year celebrations. 

February 11th 10-6pm

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