Are Hypnobirthing classes worth it??


Are Hypnobirthing classes worth the cost? There’s no denying it- pregnancy and new babies come with expenses, and it can feel overwhelming with what you could and should spend your hard earned money on.

Here’s why I think investing in a Hypnobirthing course will be the best money you spend during your pregnancy.

First off, please know that babies really don’t need all. the. things. They need nappies, some clothes, somewhere safe to sleep, milk (breast or formula) and they need you! Having parents that feel calm, relaxed and start their new parenthood journey in a positive way will benefit your baby for months and years to come.


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How will hypnobirthing help me?

There are so many benefits that make a Hypnobirthing course worth the investment. Here are a few of my top benefits you get from attending a Hypnobirthing course with me.

  • Hypnobirthing will help you to feel calm and confident in your ability to birth your baby. If you have been listening to other peoples scare stories, Hypnobirthing can make you believe birth can be a positive event.
  • Research has shown that parents who attend Hypnobirthing classes generally have shorter labours, less need for medical intervention, and less need for medical pain relief.
  • Attending a Hypnobirthing course will teach you how to have a positive birth whatever the circumstances are. Instead of feeling anxious about birth, you can feel confident that understand what may happen, things you can do to help, and know what to expect.
  • A hypnobirthing course will allow your partner to have an active role in birth, to feel confident to support you and to feel included and informed in the birth. You will start your time as new parents as a great team. 
  • The Hypnobirthing tools you learn in class will be invaluable in your life as a new parent, helping you stay calm and relaxed to care for your baby.
  • Thinking about your babies birth should be top of your list when thinking about the very best for them. The way a baby is born effects them too- you can help your babies birth be a positive and calm event, even if circumstances change.
  • Hypnobirthing doesn’t guarantee a perfect birth. Birth, just like life, can be unpredictable. What it does do, is give you the tools needed to cope with the unexpected. To understand your choices and options. To have a confident birth partner that has an active role in your babies birth. To give you tools and techniques to help you stay comfortable, however and wherever you birth.

Is Hypnobirthing worth the cost?

If you value how you feel in your pregnancy, and want to be able to enjoy this magical time, yes. If you value how your baby enters this world, and want them to enter in a gentle, calm way, yes. If you value your mental and physical health, and want to have the smoothest recovery possible, yes.

If you want to start your time as a new mum in a calm, positive way, then a Hypnobirthing course is absolutely the right investment for you. Find out more about the science behind hypnobirthing in my blog post.

Here is how attending my hypnobirthing course has helped these parents, and why they recommend it to their friends and family.


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